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2005 Trips and Events
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Month Date Event Participants
Jan 21,22,23 Pemberton trip has been postponed due to unsuitable dates. -
Jan 23rd (Sun) Muchea Reccie - Trip Complete.
Ozzie, Pommy, Chups
Jan 26th (Wed) BBQ day at Ozzie's on Australia Day - Event Complete. Ozzie, Big Pete, Styx
Jan 30th (Sun) Cataby / Wedge island day trip. Trip Complete.
Ozzie, Skip, Muzza, Mickey(Derek), Adrian & Ashley (visitors), Chups
Feb 6th (Sun)
Preston Beach and Harvey day trip. Trip Complete. Skip's pics, Dino's pics.
Dino, Sixten, Skip, Pommy, Rainman, visitors: Murray, Rob
Feb 13th (Sun)
Family picnic at Whiteman Park. Event complete.
Pommy, Skip, Dino, Mudslide, Brendan
Feb 18th (Fri)
Wilbinga night run. Trip Complete.
TC, Skip, Dino, Rushy, Rob, Mudslide.
Feb 19th (Sat)
Wilbinga. Trip cancelled due to lack of numbers.
Feb 19th (Sat)
Styx & Ann's house warming party. Event Complete.
Styx, Skip, TC, Dino, Rainman, Mudslide, Dusty, Chups
Mar 4th-7th
Blackwood river - Labour Day long weekend.   Trip Complete. Skips Pics Dino, Skip, TC, Rob, Chups, Noel
Mar 13th (Sun) Muchea - Trip cancelled due to lack of members.  
Mar 13th (Sun)

Committee Meeting: Event completed  

Big Pete, Ozzie, Dino, Skip, TC,Styx, Chups, Mat (visitor)
Mar 20th (Sun) Wilbinga to Seabird: Trip Complete  Dino's pics
Dino, Pommy, Chups
Mar 25th-28th
Easter long weekend - Albany. Trip Complete Skips Pics Skip, Chups, Rainman,  Sixten,  Styx
Apr 1st (Fri night) Mystery Night Trip. Trip Complete Macca, Skip, Dino, Mickey, Rob, Chups Murray (visitor)
Apr 16th-24th
Goldfields trip. Trip Complete Skip's Pics  Dino's Pics Pommy, Skip, Dino (riding shotgun for skip), Rainman
Apr 22nd - 25th
Preston Beach: Trip Complete  Ozzie, Big Pete
Apr 29th  (Fri) Night Run - Pinjar Trip Complete Macca, (Skip passenger), Ozzie, Chups, Styx
May 7th  (Sat)

“Campfire Escape” Event Complete Ozzie's Pics

Skip, TC, Styx, Ozzie, Chups, Big Pete, Dino, Robbo, Rainman,  Mudslide ; Gone Fishin, Pommy Pete, Dusty
May 20th (Fri) Night Bash Trip Complete Dino's Pics Macca, Skip, Chups, Dino
May 21st -22nd  
Cataby run with a difference: Trip Complete  Ozzie's Pics Ozzie, Pommy Pete, Radar, Chups,  Adrian (Visitor)
May 27th (Fri)

Open night with Cross Country Camper:  Event Complete

Macca, Ozzie,  Pommy Pete, Chups, Dino, Mickey , Rainman ,Big Pete, , Braveheart, Robbo 
May 29th (Sun) Rock and hill play -   Trip Complete Pommy Pete, Chups
Jun 3rd-6th (Fri-Mon) Blackwood River - Trip Complete Robbo's Pics Dino,  Grassy (noel), Pommy Pete, Robbo, Mickey
Jun 12th (Sun)

Powerline  track Mundaring Trip Complete Dino's Pics

Robbo, Dino (riding shotgun) Grassy, Skip, Radar
Jun 19th (Sun) Powerline track Trip Complete  Skip's  Pics Braveheart, Skip, TC, Styx, Pluto
Jul 2nd (Sat) Campfire escape Event Completed TC,  Dino, Skip, Styx
Jul 3rd - 8th  Kalbarri - Trip CompleteSkip's Pics Chups, Skip, Shawn (visitor)
Jul 24th (sun) Ozzie's Mystery Run - Moore River SandPlains Trip Complete Ozzies Pics Ozzie, Kim (visitor), Steve (visitor), Sandy, Chups, Micki (visitor), Radar, Adrian (visitor)
Jul 30th -31st (Sat,Sun) Lake Indoon Trip Complete  Skip's Pics, TC's Pics, Micki's Pics  Chups,  Skip ,TC,  Micki (visitor), Rushy, Pommy Pete
Aug 12th (Fri) McGyver's Mystery Friday night trip, Trip Complete Macca
Aug 14th (Sun) Day Trip / 4wd driver training- Pines area, Trip Complete Skips Pics, Dino's Pics, Macca's Pics, Big Pete's Pics


Big Pete, Pommy Pete, Eric, TC Dino , Skip, Radar, Mickey, Glen, Robbo, Rainman, Rushy,  Macca, Gone Fishing, Braveheart
Aug 27th-28
Wedge Island - Trip CompleteDino's Pics , Ozzie's Pics Dino, Ozzie, Pommy Pete, Lee (visitor)
Sep 11th  (sun) Powerline  run - Trip Complete Dino's Pics Dino, Macca, Pommy Pete, Kelly
Sep 18th  (Sun) The 4WD Owners Annual Charity Muster -Event complete Dino's Pics Big Pete, Dino. Styx, Robbo
Sep 23rd - 26th 
(Fri - Mon)
Pemberton - Event Complete Dino's Pics, TC's Pics  Dino, TC. Macca, Robbo. Pommy pete
Sep 30th -7thOct
Sharks Bay -Trip Complete Ozzie's Pics  Ozzie, Pommy Pete
Oct 2nd (Sun) Muchea - Trip Complete Big Pete
Oct 14th - 16th
Wild flower trip through Payne's Find and Ningham Station. Trip Complete, Dino's Pics TC, Styx, Mickey,  Dino, Radar, Greg (visitor), Pommy Pete, Rushy, Mudslide
Oct 23rd (sun) Lancelin and up to Wedge with the compact 4wd club. Trip Complete, Ozzie's Pics Ozzie,Murray (visitor),  Robbo, 
Oct Fri 23 Sep-
Sun 30 Oct
(5 weeks)
Queensland trip. Trip Complete
The club's biggest trip ever! 7 states & territories and 14000K's.

Skips Pics
Original Itinerary page
Skip, Rainman, Chups , 
Nov 5th (Sat)

Campfire Escape Trip Complete

Skip, Dino,  Glen & Micki, Chups, Pommy Pete,Leprecorn
Nov 4th-6th Nov Perth 4WD and Fishing Show -  

1st one is the 2nd half of the training – Members Only

Nov 18th -19th
Perth 4WD & Adventure Show - Event Complete  
Nov 21st (Mon) Pinnacles - Event Complete- Ozzie's Pics Pommy, Ozzie, Skip
Nov 27 Nov (Sun) Moore River SandPlains - Trip Complete Pommy Pete, Ozzie,  Dino, Robbo, Sparky, Shane,  Paul (visitor), Mark (visitor)
Dec 3rd -4th
(Sat - Sun)
Harvey   Trip Complete Macca's Pics, Skip's Pics Skip, Macca , Sparky,  Pommy Pete
Dec 7th (wed) Go Camping Open Night  Pyro,  Skip, Dino, Big Pete,  Robbo, Pommy Pete, Micki, Roger, Ashley, Leprechaun, McGyver, Rainman, Murray
Dec 11th (Sun) GoBush Xmas bash - Event Complete Dino, Skip, TC, Ozzie, Pyro, Micki, Styx, Big Pete, Mudslide, Pommy, Robbo, Shane
Dec 16th (Fri) Mundaring hills Night Run - Trip Complete Dino, Mcgyver, Sparkie, Robbo, Murry, Peter (visitor)
Dec 26th Dec - 3rd Jan
(Mon - Tues)
Esperance - Trip in Complete

Email Ozzie to put you in 

Ozzie, Pommy Pete, Harry and family ( visitor)
Dec 30th Dec - 2nd Jan
(Fri - Mon)
Wedge Island - Trip complete. Chups, Skip, Brettski

Legend for trip ratings...

Endurance * Normal distances from services
  ** Moderate distances from MOST services
  *** No services. Must be fully self sufficient with extra water, fuel, tools, tyres, spare parts
Difficulty * Normal / Bitumen. Bring your 2WD if you like!
  **  Gravel. Any 4WD will do.
  ***  4x4 tracks suitable for most 4WD's including "soft roaders"
  **** Hill climbs, ruts, water crossings. Recommend 4WD with decent ground clearance.
  ***** Oh sh*t! .Only experienced operators. Possible vehicle damage!

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