2009 Trips and Events
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Jan 16th (Fri Night) Mundaring Night Run - Trip complete
Skip's photos coming soon.
McGyver, Dirt, Skip, Sparky, Dino, Rooster, Captain (visitor), Choppa, Brettski (visitor), Disco3 (visitor)
Jan 18th (Sun) Wilbinga Day trip - Trip complete
Skip's & Terry's photos
Skip, Styx, Shiva, Rainman, Terry (visitor)
Jan 24th - 26th
(Sat - Mon)
Australia Day Long weekend - no trip was run. Next time?
Feb 8th (Sun)

GoBush AGM (Annual General Meeting) - Event complete
Skip, Chups, Shiva, Dino, Rainman, Braveheart, Robbo, Choppa, Styx, Mudslide, Pyro, McGyver, Sparky, Terry & Lisa (visitors), Jason (visitor), Pommy
Feb 15th
Tims Thicket Beach Run - trip complete
Dino's Pics
Dino, Robbo, Jason (visitor), Tony (visitor) and friend, Andy, Neil (visitor), Troy (visitor), Chups, Mudslide
Feb Sun 1st Mar... Day trip on the Sunday - Wilbinga - trip complete
Dino, Jaffa, Chris (visitor), Styx, Styx's friends (visitors), Robbo, Daryl (visitor)
Mar 7th & 8th
(Sat - Sun)

Cervantes / Pinnacles weekend trip - trip cancelled

Mar 14th & 15th
(Sat - Sun)
Austracks / GoBush 4WD training - Event moved to May

Mar 15th Sun Two Rocks Reccie. - Reccie complete. Dino, Robbo
Mar 19th - 23rd
(Thu - Mon)

Next Public Event: Perth Caravan & Camping show - Event complete

Mar 21st
(Sat evening)

Go Camping Open Night - Event complete

Pyro, Skip, Styx, Mudslide, Robbo, Dino, Jaffa, TC (Tentative), AB, Rainman
Mar 28th-29th
(Sat - Sun)
30th (Mon) option

Dunsborough / Margaret River - weekender -Trip complete

Skip, Chups
Apr 4th
(Sat Night)
Wilbinga Night Nav - Trip complete

Dino, Jaffa, Robbo, Pommy, Andy, Rob (visitor), Alan (visitor), ADZ (visitor), Sani, McGyver, Dirt, Neil (visitor)
Apr 9th -13th
(Thur - Mon)
Kalbarri - Easter Long weekend (4 Days). 
Dirt, Andy, Bludger
Apr 18th (Sat) Curry night @ Royal India - Social function 
Andy, AB, Dirt, Dino
Apr 26th (Sun) Mundaring Powerlines - Trip complete Hammer, Dirt, Shiva, Bludger
May 9th (Sat arvo) Gnangara Powerline run - Trip complete
Skip's photos
Skip, TC, Dino
May 11th (Mon eve) Committee Meeting - meeting complete
Skip, Mudslide, Robbo, Rainman, Dino.
May 17th (Sun) Moore River State Forest - Trip complete
Skip's Photos (courtesy of Dayman).
TC, Skip, Pommy, Dirt, Dayman (visitor)
May 23rd - 24th
(Sat - Mon)
Club Training Event: Austracks / GoBush 4WD training - Event complete
www.austracks4wd.com.au     Skip's Photos from day1
Coighty, Skip (day 1 only), Jaffa, Radar, Andy, Neil (Andy's Son), Ludger, plus other Austracks customers.
May 30th - 1st Jun
(Sat - Mon)
Pemberton - (Foundation Day Long weekend) - trip complete
Skip's photos  Dino's pics
Shiva, Skip, Dirt, Dino, Robbo, TC, Jaffa, Hammer, Macca, Goughie, Gabriele (visitor), Paul (visitor)
Jun 6th (Sat night) Curry night at Shiva's - Event complete Shiva, Skip, Dino
Jun 13, 14th
(Sat, Sun)
Camping weekend - Helena and Aurora ranges - Trip complete
Skip's photos (taken by TC and Simon)   |   AB's pics coming soon   |   PorkChop's pics
TC, Skip, Simon, Muzza, PorkChop, AB, Pommy 
Jun 20th (Sat) Night run up the Powerlines - trip complete
Shiva, Jaffa, Dino, Matto, TC, Hammer, Dirt, Robbo, Pommy (tentative), Paul (visitor), Neil (visitor), Tank (visitor), Brettski (visitor, with Macca as passenger), Ashley (vistor), Sparky (tentative), Dayman (visitor)
Jul 4th - 17th
(Sat - Fri)
Rudall River National Park - 2 weeks - Trip Complete
Skip's Pics.
Original itinerary... Pilbara2009c.xls 
Rainman, Skip
Jul 5th (Sun)

Guilderton day trip - Trip complete

Dirt & Catherine, Shiva, Simon, Porkchop, Nick (visitor), Styx (tentative), Terry (visitor, tentative), Matto, Serge (visitor), Bludger, Nath
Jul 12th (Sun)

Armadale bush day trip - Trip cancelled

Jul 18th (Sat)

Mundaring day trip - Trip complete
Skip's pics and videos

McGyver, Jaffa, Dirt, Sparky, Skip, BBK (visitor)

12th (Wed night)

Mid week Mundaring night run - Event complete

Shiva, Dirt
Aug 12th - 16th
(Wed - Sun)

Public Event: Perth Boat and Leisure show - Event complete

Aug 23rd (Sun)

Julimar day trip - trip complete.
Photos coming soon.

Goughie, Dino, Jaffa, Skip, Dirt, Rooster, Mark (visitor)

29th & 30th
(Sat - Sun)

Harvey / Collie weekend trip - trip complete

Shiva, Dirt, Hammer
Sep 13th (Sun) Mudslides Family Rally day - trip complete Mudslide, Skip, Pommy, Robbo, Jaffa,  Styx, Don (visitor), Porkchop (tantative), Mudslide and Michelle's folks: Bert, Pam, Bob and Katrina (visitors), Steve (visitor)
Sep 27th (Sun) Wedge Island - day trip - trip complete Dirt, S1mon, Neil
Oct8th - 11th
(Thu - Sun)

Public Event: Mandurah Boat Show - Event complete

(Friday Night)

McGyver's Night Nav - Trip complete
Trip leader: McGyver     Difficulty:

McGyver, Jaffa, Dirt
Oct 23rd 
(Friday Night)

McGyver's Mystery Night Nav  - Trip complete

McGyver, Skip, Dirt, Dino, Goughie
Nov 13 - 15th
(Fri - Sun)
4WD Caravan & Camping Show - Event complete
Full details are at
Nov 14 / 15th
(Sat / Sun)
Cervantes  - TRIP Complete
Trip leader: Dirt     Dino's Photos
Dirt, Pommy, Hammer, PorkChop, Muzza, Skip, Dino, Andrew (visitor), Paul (visitor)
Nov 28 & 29th
(Sat & Sun)
Dwellingup - Xmas party - Trip complete
Trip leader:
Dino      Dino's Photos
Dino, Skip, Robbo, Pommy, Arron, Mudslide, Jaffa, Steve (visitor)
Dec Sun 13th Wilbinga Day trip / Beach run. - Trip complete.
Trip leader: Pommy 

Pommy, Dino, Smokey (visitor), Wayne (visitor), Steve (visitor)

Dec Fri 27th - Jan xx Xmas / New Year - Possible trip - cancelled


Legend for trip ratings...

Endurance * Normal distances from services
  ** Moderate distances from MOST services
  *** No services. Must be fully self sufficient with extra water, fuel, tools, tyres, spare parts
Difficulty * Normal / Bitumen. Bring your 2WD if you like!
  **  Gravel or Sand Driving. Any 4WD will do.
  ***  4x4 tracks suitable for most 4WD's including "soft roaders"
  **** Hill climbs, ruts, water crossings. Recommend 4WD with decent ground clearance.
  ***** Oh sh*t! .Only experienced operators. Possible vehicle damage!

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