2010 Trips and Events
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Jan 24th (Sun) Tims Thicket Beach Run - Trip complete.
Trip Leader: Dino
Dino, Robbo, Muzza, Bludger, Tristan (visitor), Steve (visitor)
Feb 7th (Sun) 2010 AGM & BBQ at Whiteman Park - Event complete
Event Organiser: Dino
Skip, Robbo, Mudslide, TC, Beeps, Andy, IronSide, Jafa, Dirt, Muzza, Coighty, Rainman, Stevo, Triston (visitor)
Feb Fri 19th - Mon 22nd Murchison Off-Road Adventure 4WD Park - Trip Complete
Trip Leader: TC     Photos: Skips Pics   Dino's Pics
TC, Skip, Dino, Muzza, Beeps, Wayne (visitor)
Feb Sat 27th - Mon 1st Labour day long weekend - no trip run.  
Mar  Sun 7th  Pommy's Mystery day trip. - CANCELLED
Dirt, TC (tentative), Muzza (tentative), Danny (visitor)
Mar Thu 18th - Sun 22 Perth Caravan & Camping Show - Event complete
Claremont Show Grounds... more info...  www.caravanandcampingshow.com.au

Apr Thu 1st - Mon 5th Bremer Bay - Easter long (4 day) weekend - Trip complete
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Dirt  (e: phil dot rickson at ignia dot com dot au)
Dirt, Andy, Beeps, Hammer, Bludger, AB, Kevin (visitor)
Apr Fri 2nd - Mon 19th School Holidays
Apr Sun 4th  Guilderton to Seabird day trip. - Trip complete
Difficulty: **     Endurance: *     Trip Leader: Skip
Skip, Muzza, BoatMan
Apr Sun 11th Wilbinga day trip - Trip complete
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: *     Trip leader: Robbo
Robbo, TC, Dino, Jaffa, Skip, Pommy
Apr Wed Night 21st

Gnangara Powerline Night Run   - Trip complete
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: *     Trip Leader: TC
TC, Skip, Stevo, Muzza, Brian (visitor)
Apr Sat 24 - Mon 26th Goldfields / Southern Cross (ANZAC day long weekend) - Trip Complete
Difficulty: **     Endurance: **     Trip leader: Pommy   Skip's Pics
Pommy, Rev, Boatman, Jaffa, Skip (tentative), Wayne, Johnno (visitor)
May Sat night 8th Moore River Night run. - Trip complete
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: *     Trip Leader: McGyver
McGyver, Muzza, Dino, Robbo, Skip
May Fri 14th - Mon 17th Holland Track - 3 & 1/2 day trip. - Trip complete
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: ***     Trip Leader: TC
Hammer's Pics   TC's Pics   Skip's & Muzza's pics 
TC, Beeps, Kevin (visitor), Dusty (TC's Bro, visitor), Stuart (TC's Dad, visitor), Skip, Hammer, Muzza
May Sun 23rd

Muddies maze day - Trip postponed due to bad weather...
Difficulty: **     Endurance: *    Trip leader: Mudslide

Mudslide, Jaffa, Rev, Boatman, Stevo, Dave (visitor)
May Sat 29 - Sun 30th Collie Weekend trip - Trip complete
Difficulty: *****     Endurance: *     Trip leader: Pommy
 Hammer's pics
Pommy, Rev, Jaffa, McGyver, Hammer, Johno (visitor)
Jun Fri 4th - Mon 7th Foundation day long w/end - Helena & Aurora ranges - Trip complete
Difficulty: **     Endurance: ***     Trip Leader: TC
Photos:   Skip's Pics    TC's Pics   Muzza's Pics   
TC, Skip, Sparky, Jaffa, Muzza, Dino, Robbo, Rainman, Gerrie (visitor)

Jun Fri 18 - Sun 20th Next public event - 4WD Action Off-Road Expo - Event complete
More info is at:   www.4wdaction.com.au/perthshow

Jun Sat 26th Muchea Night run
Difficulty: **     Endurance: *     Trip leader: Pommy
Pommy, Dirt, TC, Dino, Robbo, Mudslide, Stevo, Jaffa, Skip (tentative), Smokey (visitor), Gerrie (visitor)
Jul Sat 3rd - Sun 11th School holidays - Shark Bay - 1 week Trip - Shark Bay - Trip complete
Difficulty: **     Endurance: **     Trip leader: Skip & Jaffa 
Skip, Jaffa, Muzza
AugSat 7 Camp Out - overnighter  - trip complete
Trip Leader: Pommy
Pommy, Skip (tentitive)
AugSat 21st night
Wilbinga night run - trip complete
Difficulty: ***    Endurance: **   Trip leader: Dino 
Dino, Robbo, Stevo, Andy (visitor)
Aug Sat 28 - Sun 29th Harvey weekend trip - trip complete
Difficulty: *****    Endurance: **   Trip leader: Dirt  (e: phil dot rickson at ignia dot com dot au)
Dirt, Pommy, Hammer, Macca, Wayne (visitor), Trev (visitor), Rob (visitor)
Sep Sat 11 - Sun 12

Next Public Event - Rocks the Paddock
One of 2010's best hard core 4WD events. Suitable for spectators and competitors.
For details, visit: http://www.adrenalin4x4.net/mudgutsglory.htm

Difficulty: *****     Endurance: *    Trip leader:

SepWed 15th

Opposite lock open night - Event Cancelled
For details, visit: http://www.oppositelock.com.au

Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader: Dino

Dino, Skip, Stevo, Styx, Robbo
Sep Sat 25th-Mon 27th Balingup - Queens Birthday long weekend - trip complete
Difficulty: ****     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Dirt (phil dot rickson at ignia dot com dot au)
Dirt, Bludger, Pommy, Rev, Hammer, Trev (visitor), Rob (visitor)
Sep Sat 25 - Mon 11th School Holidays
Oct Fri 1st - Sun 3rd
Wild Flower trip - weekend trip. - Updated
Skip's Photos
Difficulty: *     Endurance: ***     Trip Leader: Skip
Skip, Rainman, Andrew (visitor)
OctFri 8th - Sun 10thPublic EventMandurah Boat Show - event complete
More info...  www.mandurahboatshow.com

Nov Fri 12th - Sun 14th Public EventPerth 4WD Show
McCallum Park (near the Causeway) Victoria Park.
More info... www.4wdshow.com.au/?page=perthshow
Nov Sat Eve 27th
Club Christmas Party - Dwellingup, Nanga Mill. Optional overnight camping.. MEETING POINT. Dino will be on Thomas road at the small shop near Nichilson road at 11:00 for 11:30 depart for anyone wanting to travel in convoy. Trip leaders : Skip & TC
Skip, TC, Dino, Beeps, Mudslide, Stevo, Muzza, Pommy, Brendan, Johno, Andy (visitor), Konrad (visitor)
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Legend for trip ratings...

Endurance * Normal distances from services
  ** Moderate distances from MOST services
  *** No services. Must be fully self sufficient with extra water, fuel, tools, tyres, spare parts
Difficulty * Normal / Bitumen. Bring your 2WD if you like!
  **  Gravel or Hard Sand Driving. Any 4WD will do. 
  ***  4x4 track, beach and soft sand, suitable for most 4WD's including "soft roaders". Recovery points required.
  **** Hill climbs, ruts, water crossings. Recommend 4WD with decent ground clearance. Recovery points required.
  ***** Only experienced operators & high ground clearance vehicles. Possible vehicle damage! Recovery points required.

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