2019 Trips and Events
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We need more trips - My 4WD is too Shiny!!
Get your gear off Road / family out of the house / kids off their iPads. Maybe day trip up in the hills, beach or overnighter somewhere? Here are some ideas for Day trips:
- Moore river state forest, - Mundaring, - Willbinga, Wellington dam, - North, South, East…
Yes I’m always keen for a drive. Anyone interested in leading a trip, please email me and I can assist with sorting out the details for you. Here are some of the requirements and guidelines for Leading Trips in GoBush 4WD club.    http://www.gobush4wd.com.au/tripleaders.htm

Mon 28th
Australia Day Holiday

Feb Sun 3rd
NextGoBush AGM
Our club's annual General Meeting, where we all get to catch up for some Lunch provided by the club, and vote in the 2019 committee. All members are encouraged to attend this meeting as we do need a quorum for the vote to be legitimate, so if you can't make it, be sure to request a vote by email and advise Skip that you can't attend. Venue is at the Swan Street Vineyard, 64 Swan Street, Henley Brook. Arrive for 11AM, Meeting at 11:30AM, and Lunch at 12 Noon. This year, lunch is going to be much better than sausage sizzle... Sandra and Craig are going to cater a propper sit down lunch of roast chicken (standard and spicy), vegies, and salads, european style.
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader: Skip    
Attending: Skip, Pebbles, Pommy, Rev, Jimbo, Dino, Matty, Craig, Mudslide, Pebbles, Buzz, Coighty, Drifta, Muzza, Lewis, Stampy,

Appologies: Roo, Sparky, Pipe, AB,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details
Feb Fri 8th - Sun 10th
Wellington Dam (Matty's birthday trip)
Join us on the banks of the Wellington Dam for a weekend of relaxation. Bring your water toys, kayaks etc, and be fully self sufficient. More info soon.
Difficulty: **     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Matty     
Attending: Matty, Dino, Roo, Skip, Pebbles, Buzz, Drifta,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details
Mon 4th
Labour Day public holiday


Next public event: Perth Caravan & Camping Show
More info... www.caravanandcampingshow.com.au

Fri 13th - Sun 28th
School Holidays

Fri 13th - Sat 4 May
Gibb River Road (3 week trip)
Leaving on 13 April and back in Perth on 4 May.  A tour of the north of WA taking in the iconic Gibb River Rd, Kalumburu, the Bungle Bungles and Karijini.  We’ve done it before but we would like to experience just after the wet instead of at the end of the dry.  This is a “walkabout” tour with an idea of where we are going and what we want to see but we are going to be flexible depending on conditions and how we feel.  We will most likely miss seeing some things and divert to see things we hadn’t planned.  Very happy for members to join us. (Members only).
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: ***    Trip leader: Craig  
Attending:   Craig,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details
Fri 19th, Mon 22nd
Easter Holidays

Thurs 25th
Anzac Day Holiday


Jun Mon 3rd
Western Australia Day public holiday

Sat 6th - Sun 21st
School Holidays



Perth International Boat Show (Public Event)
Club Marine International Boat Show, Elizabeth Quay & Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.
More info... www.mandurahboatshow.com.au


Mon 28th
Queens Birthday public holiday

Sat 28th - Sun 13th Oct
School Holidays


Perth 4WD Show (Public Event)
Australia's biggest 4WD show. More info... http://perth.4wdshow.com.au

Christmas trip  - where are we going this year?

Attending: Skip,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details

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Important information for visitors considering attending any trip: You are required to read or disclaimer on the information on our Indemnity Form, and sign it. Please read our Safety Policy for details on safety procedure on our trips, which includes a more detailed description of some of the following points:  We highly recommend that you have rated recovery points fitted to your vehicle, and in fact this is a requirement if you attend any trips with a dificulty rating of 3 stars (***) or more. We also recomend that you attend a training course run by Eric of www.austrax4x4.com.au . When on a trip, the trip leader is in charge of the trip, and has the final word on all matters, including recoveries etc. Click here for more info.

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Endurance * Normal distances from services
  ** Moderate distances from MOST services
  *** No services. Must be fully self sufficient with extra water, fuel, tools, tyres, spare parts
Difficulty * Normal / Bitumen. Bring your 2WD if you like!
  **  Gravel or Hard Sand Driving. Any 4WD will do. 
  ***  4x4 track, beach and soft sand, suitable for most 4WD's including "soft roaders". Recovery points recomended.
  **** Hill climbs, ruts, water crossings. Recommend 4WD with decent ground clearance. Recovery points recommended.
  ***** Only experienced operators & high ground clearance vehicles. Possible vehicle damage! Recovery points required (see Safety Policy)

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