2019 Trips and Events
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Where shall we go?  Click here for some possible destinations.

We need more trips - My 4WD is too Shiny!!
Get your gear off Road / family out of the house / kids off their iPads. Maybe day trip up in the hills, beach or overnighter somewhere? Here are some ideas for Day trips:
- Moore river state forest, - Mundaring, - Willbinga, Wellington dam, - North, South, East…
Yes I’m always keen for a drive. Anyone interested in leading a trip, please email me and I can assist with sorting out the details for you. Here are some of the requirements and guidelines for Leading Trips in GoBush 4WD club.    http://www.gobush4wd.com.au/tripleaders.htm

Mon 28th
Australia Day Holiday

Feb Sun 3rd
GoBush AGM - event complete
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader: Skip    
Attending: Skip, Pebbles, Pommy, Rev, Jimbo, Dino, Matty, Craig, Pebbles, Buzz, Coighty, Drifta, Muzza, Lewis, TC, Stampy, Rick, Hammer, Rainman, Richard,

Appologies: Roo, Sparky, Pipe, AB, Gary, Zook, Duck, Mudslide,

Feb Fri 8th - Sun 10th
Wellington Dam (Matty's birthday trip) - trip complete
Difficulty: **     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Matty     
Attending: Matty, Dino, Roo, Skip, Buzz, Drifta, TC, Pommy, Paul, Rev, Hammer, Dug, Pipe, Jordan (visitor), Tesh (visitor)
Feb Mon 11th Evening
Booma Waanginy - trip complete
A walk through part of kings park with a spectacular light show. Meeting at the corner of Kings park Rd and Fraser ave West Perth, at 8PM.
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader: Pommy   
Attending: Pommy, Pebbles, Skip,  Muzza,

Feb Sat 16th
Dwellingup day trip
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Pommy   
Attending: Pommy, 

Mar Fri 1st - Mon 4th
Sue's Bridge long weekend trip
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Fluffy   
Attending: Fluffy, Dino, Matty, Richo, Buzz, Pipe,
Mon 4th
Labour Day public holiday

Wed 13th Mar
Wednesday night drag racing - Event complete
For Event info click here.
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader: Rev  
Attending: Rev, Pommy, Drifta

Fri 15th - Sun 17th
Movies under the stars  - cancelled
Difficulty: *     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Coighty   
Attending: Coighty, TC, Pebbles, Skip,

Wed 20th - Sun 24th Mar
Perth Caravan & Camping Show - event complete
More info... www.caravanandcampingshow.com.au

Sun 31st
Ladies day - picnic in the woods  - cancelled
Difficulty: *     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Coighty   
Attending: Coighty, Pebbles, Skip, Dino,

Sat 6th Apr
Northam Motor Festival - Event Complete
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader: Pommy   
Attending: Pommy, Skip,

Sun 7th Apr
Max Pinjarra - Even complete
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader:  Pommy   
Attending: Pommy, Skip,

Sat 13th - Sun 28th
School Holidays

Fri 12th - Fri 19th
Parry's Beach (1 week trip) - cancelled
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Coighty   
Attending: Coighty,

Sat 13th
York Motorcycle festival - Event complete
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader:  Pommy  
Attending: Pommy,

Fri 19th, Mon 22nd
Easter Holidays
Yeagarup Hut Easter trip 
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Dino

Attending: Dino, Pipe, Matty, Fluffy, Kerry, Rev, Craig,

Thurs 25th
Anzac Day Holiday

Fri 3rd - Sun 5th
Gymkhana Planning
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Coighty   
Attending: Coighty, Roo, Dino, Drifta, Skip
Sat 18th
Dwellingup high rope course day trip
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader:
Attending: Pommy, McGyver, Hammer

Jun Mon 3rd
Western Australia Day public holiday

Wed 5th - Tue 11th
NextMount Augustus and Walga Rock (1 week trip)
Visitors Welcome – sorry no K9's. Mount Augustus - Located 852 kilometres north of Perth is Australia’s largest inselberg, even larger than it’s more famous cousin Ayres Rock. An inselberg or monadnock is an isolated rock hill, knob, ridge, or small mountain that rises abruptly from a gently sloping or virtually level surrounding plain. ... If the inselberg is dome-shaped and formed from granite or gneiss, it can also be called a bornhardt, though not all bornhardts are inselbergs. Walga Rock – 48 kms out of Cue, this huge bright orange rock covers about 50 hectares, and is 5km in circumference and about 1.7km in length. This makes it the second-biggest monolith in Australia (after Uluru). Jokers Tunnel in Yalgoo - about 220 kilometres inland from Geraldton in Western Australia. Full itinerary to follow after discussing with attendees. We could change the return journey to take in Gascoyne Junction and Carnarvon instead. Below is just an idea.. Register your interest so we can book the sites early.
Itinerary – if you want the Google directions email me and I’ll send them to you
•    Day 1 – Perth to Walga Rock – over night stay
•    Day 2 – Walga Rock to Mt Augustus – mid to late morning departure
•    Day 3 - Mt Augustus – Camping fees apply – see below
•    Day 4 – Mt Augustus – Camping fees apply -
•    Day 5 – Mt Augustus to Yalgoo – over night stay (bush camp)
•    Day 6 – Yalgoo to Perth
•    Day 7 – Spare – could be an extra camp out, may be used exploring between day 1 and day 6. Or just come home. Easy either way.
Caravan and Camping - $11.00-$33.00 - Tariffs include site facility only.
•    Unpowered Sites from $11 per person per night
•    Powered Sites from $33 per couple per night,  $15 per extra person
Family Unit - $176.00 - Tariffs include accommodation facility only. Family Units comprise of two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom
Email    mtaugustustouristpark@skymesh.com.au  Phone  +61 8 9943 0527
Website    http://www.mtaugustustouristpark.com
Difficulty: ****     Endurance: ***    Trip leader: Coighty   
Attending: Coighty,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details
Sat 15th Jun
Bush Gymkhana (1 or 2 day trip)
Venue: Eric & Konnie’s block – Mud map will be provided to all members that require one, or form a group and travel in convoy.
Events include: Mobile Golf, Blind man’s Bluff, Egg (Ball) & Spoon Obstacle Course, Slalom, Clover Parking Course
Come for the day or stay the night, all welcome. Volunteers needed as course Marshals so if you’re not intending to participate in the events then please step up and lend a hand.
Difficulty: **     Endurance: *    Trip leader:
Attending: Coighty, Skip, Dino, Duck, Pipe, Roo,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details
Tue 18th -  Sat 29th
Rudall River (12 day trip)
1 week trip trip to explor Rudall river national park. We will also visit running waters, Carawine gorge, and much more. This is a remote trip, so will need to be fully self sufuicient, and carry extra fuel if you dont have long range tanks. Trip is not confirmed yet - expressions of interest.
Difficulty: ****     Endurance: ***    Trip leader: Rainman    
Attending: Rainman, Buzz, Skip,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details
Sat 6th - Sun 21st
School Holidays



Perth International Boat Show (Public Event)
Club Marine International Boat Show, Elizabeth Quay & Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.
More info... www.mandurahboatshow.com.au


Mon 28th
Queens Birthday public holiday

Sat 28th - Sun 13th Oct
School Holidays


Perth 4WD Show (Public Event)
Australia's biggest 4WD show. More info... http://perth.4wdshow.com.au

Christmas trip  - where are we going this year?

Attending: Skip,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details

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Important information for visitors considering attending any trip: You are required to read or disclaimer on the information on our Indemnity Form, and sign it. Please read our Safety Policy for details on safety procedure on our trips, which includes a more detailed description of some of the following points:  We highly recommend that you have rated recovery points fitted to your vehicle, and in fact this is a requirement if you attend any trips with a dificulty rating of 3 stars (***) or more. We also recomend that you attend a training course run by Eric of www.austrax4x4.com.au . When on a trip, the trip leader is in charge of the trip, and has the final word on all matters, including recoveries etc. Click here for more info.

Legend for trip ratings...                                               Smoke free event. Click here for details               Read this Saftey message please!

Endurance * Normal distances from services
  ** Moderate distances from MOST services
  *** No services. Must be fully self sufficient with extra water, fuel, tools, tyres, spare parts
Difficulty * Normal / Bitumen. Bring your 2WD if you like!
  **  Gravel or Hard Sand Driving. Any 4WD will do. 
  ***  4x4 track, beach and soft sand, suitable for most 4WD's including "soft roaders". Recovery points recomended.
  **** Hill climbs, ruts, water crossings. Recommend 4WD with decent ground clearance. Recovery points recommended.
  ***** Only experienced operators & high ground clearance vehicles. Possible vehicle damage! Recovery points required (see Safety Policy)

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