2022 Trips and Events
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Where shall we go?  Click here for some possible destinations.

We need more trips - Going overseas is still a bit restricted - so may as well use my 4WD for some local trips instead!
Get your gear off Road / family out of the house kids off their iPads. Maybe day trip up in the hills, beach or overnighter somewhere? Here are some ideas for Day trips:
- Moore river state forest, - Mundaring, - Willbinga, - North, South, East…
Yes I’m always keen for a drive. Anyone interested in leading a trip, please email me and I can assist with sorting out the details for you. Here are some of the requirements and guidelines for Leading Trips in GoBush 4WD club.    http://www.gobush4wd.com.au/tripleaders.htm

Difficulty: ***     Endurance: *    Trip leader:     

Wed 26th
Australia Day Holiday

Feb Sat 5th
Preston beach run day trip  - trip complete
Difficulty: ****     Endurance: *    Trip leader: Dino   
Attending: Dino, Roo, Fluffy, McGyver, Richie, Drifta, Mudslide + 1, Stuart (visitor), Edward (visitor), Pipe,
Feb Sun 13th
GoBush AGM - event complete
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader: Skip   

Attending: Skip, Dino, TC, Lousie, Edward, Buzz, Mudslide, Coighty, Muzza,
Hammer, McGyver, Stampy, Rumbles, Jimbo, Dug, Stuart (visitor),

Red(p), Roo(v), Pebbles(p), Craig(x), Pommy(x), Rushie(p), Zook(p), Duck(x), Drifta(p), Ashley(x), Lewis(x), Pipe(v), Matty, Rainman[tentative(p)], Richo([tentative(p)], Rev(p), Joe[tentative(p)],
Feb Thur 17th - Sun 20th
Sandy Cape 3 day trip - trip complete
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Coighty    
Attending: Coighty, Jimbo, Muzza, Skip, TC,
Mar Sun 20th
Picnic at Lake Leschenaultia day trip - event complete
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader: TC  
Attending: TC, Skip, Coighty, Stampy, Dino, Hammer, Stuart (visitor), Matty, Roo, Muzza, Ed, Mudslide,
Mon 7th
Labour Day public holiday


Next public event: Perth Caravan & Camping Show - Canceled due to Covid restrictions
More info... www.caravanandcampingshow.com.au

Sun 3rd
Mundaring power lines day trip - trip complete
Difficulty: *****     Endurance: *    Trip leader: TC     
Attending: TC, Skip, Muzza, Rynhardt (visitor),
Sat 9th - Mon 25th
School Holidays

Fri 15th
Easter Good Friday
Lucky Bay Easter 4 day trip - trip complete
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: ***    Trip leader: Muzza     
Attending: Muzza,

Mon 18th
Easter Monday
Sat 23rd - Mon 25th
Anzac Day Holiday (Mon 25th)
Murchison Homestead 3 day trip
Difficulty: ***     Endurance: **    Trip leader: TC
Attending: TC, Skip, Buzz, Stuart,

May Sun 1st May
Moondyne Festival - day trip / social function
Full details of the event are here: https://moondynefestival.com.au
Difficulty: *     Endurance: *    Trip leader:
Attending: Muzza

Thu 12th - Sun 15th
Lake Towerrinning - 4 day trip - trip complete
Difficulty: *     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Coighty     
Attending: Coighty, Jimbo, Giulio (visitor), Sam (visitor),

Fri 27th - Mon 6th June
Next Connie Sue - Desert run - 9 day trip
9 days of touring, out in the desert, to do the 2nd half of last year's trip. Vehicles will need to be high ground clearance, fully self sufficient with long range (850k off road) / extra fuel, 2 spare tyres, and adequate spare parts. Enough food and water for a week. Members only. Includes Niagra dam, Laverton, Neale Junction, Warburton, parts of the Ann Beadell hwy, Connie Sue hwy, Gunbarrel Hwy, Great Central Road. Permits required - see trip leader. Approx 3500k. Budget for fuel prices up to $3 per litre at some remote stations.
Here is the live tracking URL: https://maps.findmespot.com/s/PL2F
Difficulty: *****     Endurance: ***    Trip leader: Buzz    
Attending: Buzz, TC, Joe, Richard, Skip (tentative),

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Smoke free event. Click here for details
Armoin Nature Park - 2-3 day trip
Looking for expressions of interest as I t would great to book the all the sites 10. Good camp kitchen and communal fire pit and cooking area real good camp host best to check web site out for what there is. Also day trip to Captain Fawcett track for those that are interested. Just need to work out dates. W
eb site... https://www.armoin.net/nature-based-parke 
Difficulty: **     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Muzza       
Attending: Muzza, Skip, Dino, Coighty,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details
Jun Mon 6th
Western Australia Day public holiday

Sat 2nd- Sun 17th
School Holidays

Silo Art Trip - 5 day trip - expressions of interest
We are planning on doing the silo art trail. Dates haven't been set as we want to gauge expression of interest, at this stage we are looking at August/ September 2022.
Day 1: The plan would be to leave Saturday stopping in Northam and then staying the night in Merredin or surrounding area.
Day 2: Leaving Merredin to head to Katanning and staying in the town or at camp sites. We will try and stay at Lake Ewlyamartup Camp ground. Lake Ewlyamartup > Shire of Katanning  Info here
Day 3: Leave Katanning, go through Pingrup, Newdegate and staying in Ravensthorpe or surrounding area.
Day 4: Ravensthorpe to Albany.
Day 5: Albany to Perth. We may be staying down in Albany for a few days so your more than welcome to stay or head home at you own leisure. We are looking at down about 300kms a day.  At this stage we will be staying in caravan parks in the major towns. There may be a night or 2 where we may stay at campsites. We are open to other points of interest along the way.  We will be travelling with a 4/5 month old so sleep may be interrupted at night. Price is roughly $30 a night for powered sites.

Difficulty: **     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Dug        
Attending: Dug,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details

Perth International Boat Show (Public Event)
Club Marine International Boat Show, Elizabeth Quay & Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.
More info... www.mandurahboatshow.com.au

Fri 2nd - Sun 4th
Holland Track 3 day trip
TC's famous Holland track trip is on again - more details soon.

Difficulty: ****     Endurance: ***    Trip leader: TC 
Attending: TC, Skip, Stampy,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details
Mon 26th
Queens Birthday public holiday

Sat 24th-Sun 9th
School Holidays


Perth 4WD Show (Public Event)
Australia's biggest 4WD show. More info... http://perth.4wdshow.com.au

Dec Mon 26th - Tue 3rd Jan
Christmas trip  - Albany - 1 week trip
We are off to Rose Gardens Tourist Park at Emu Point Albany. Dates 26/12/2022 – 3/1/2023. Unfortunately all of the powered sites are now full but the park has plenty of unpowered sites still available. Use the link below to book as this is the easiest way. Please remember in the notes section to write GO BUSH so that the park managers know you are with us and can put us all together. Loads of things to do right near the water and a lovely clean park. See you all there.
park info:
Holiday in Albany with G'day Parks (gdayparks.com.au)
Difficulty: **     Endurance: **    Trip leader: Fluffy  
Attending: Fluffy, Dino, Matty, Pipe,

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Smoke free event. Click here for details

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Important information for visitors considering attending any trip: You are required to read or disclaimer on the information on our Indemnity Form, and sign it. Please read our Safety Policy for details on safety procedure on our trips, which includes a more detailed description of some of the following points:  We highly recommend that you have rated recovery points fitted to your vehicle, and in fact this is a requirement if you attend any trips with a dificulty rating of 3 stars (***) or more. When on a trip, the trip leader is in charge of the trip, and has the final word on all matters, including recoveries etc. Click here for more info.

Legend for trip ratings...                                               Smoke free event. Click here for details               Read this Saftey message please!

Endurance * Normal distances from services
  ** Moderate distances from MOST services
  *** No services. Must be fully self sufficient with extra water, fuel, tools, tyres, spare parts
Difficulty * Normal / Bitumen. Bring your 2WD if you like!
  **  Gravel or Hard Sand Driving. Any 4WD will do. 
  ***  4x4 track, beach and soft sand, suitable for most 4WD's including "soft roaders". Recovery points recomended.
  **** Hill climbs, ruts, water crossings. Recommend 4WD with decent ground clearance. Recovery points recommended.
  ***** Only experienced operators & high ground clearance vehicles. Possible vehicle damage! Recovery points required (see Safety Policy)

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