Smoking Policy

Dino's Pajero shoing some attitude!

The club encourages a smoke free environment at all events, meetings and gatherings.

Go Bush encourages a smoke free environment and asks those that do smoke to refrain from smoking on all club trips and events. If you must smoke, do so discretely, well away from other members and their children. We dont want our kids to see (or smell) People smoking as it sends them the wrong message. The club encourages smokers to Quit so that they and their fellow 4 wheel drivers can enjoy the great outdoors without impacting on those around them. Remember also that littering (Cigarette Buts) is an offence. Keep Australia Beautiful.

Here are some usefull resources to help you quit smoking:

Quit WA  |  Quit Smoking Community  |  QuitDay  |  Addiction Resource  |  Tobacco Fee Life 
Quit WA

"The only smoke that we don't mind, is from a campfire..."

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Updated 18 Apr 2017